What We Can ALL Learn From German New Medicine || Health Revolutionaries EP #3

German New Medicine teaches us to listen to our bodies on a whole new level - Our Symptoms Are Actually What Saves Us!

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Episode Notes

Disease Occurs From A Conflict Shock

This is part of the First Biological Law of German New Medicine.

Unexpected and and highly acute conflict shock causes all of our illnesses simultaneously in the psyche, the brain, and on a corresponding organ.

Dr. Hamer, the inventor of German New Medicine, got testicular cancer after his son unexpectedly passed away at a very young age from a gunshot.

But what is fascinating is that conflict shock is DEEPLY personal, so two people who go through an identical traumatic situation could have 2 completely different conflict shocks triggered in different organs and in different parts of the brain.

Our interpretation of trauma matters just as much as the trauma itself!

Your Symptoms Are A Sign That Your Body Is Healing

In our western model, we are terrified of symptoms. Many of us will only seek help from a professional WHEN we develop phyisical symptoms.

But German New Medicine teaches that our symptoms only develop when we are in the 'HEALING' stage of our illness.

When a conflict is occurring, our body is in a sympathetic 'CONFLICT ACTIVE' stage. This is when we have higher levels of cortisol, higher stress and our body is doing whatever it can to turn off the sympathetic system and turn on the balancing parasympathetic system.

This is a massive paradigm shift from our current model. Instead of seeing symptoms as something to repress and to hide, German New Model teaches us to respect our symptoms as well as our bodies.

The Healing Phase Can Kill You

At first, this statement is baffling. But here are a few ways to think about it

The more intense the conflict, the more intense is the healing! The healing phase can be just as intense as the conflict.

During the healing phase, we can see tumors, rashes. But again, making the switch in our thoughts that these symptoms are our bodies' response to something that happened many years ago is a more productive mindset than simply eradicating the symptoms.

So if we've been struggling to process a death of a family member for 20 years, we can expect healing to be a slow process.

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