3 Medical Tests You Should Be Aware Of || Health Revolutionaries EP #2

Here are effective ways to test YOUR hormones, gut and mold exposure!

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Episode Notes

3 Medical Tests YOU Should Be Aware Of

1. Mold testing definitely exists

"Mold is an immuno-suppresant. So once you have mold, you're going to be a PETRI DISH for everything else that comes your way".

Many people with mold exposure develop Lyme disease because their immune system is compromised. Mold is a huge factor in mysterious illnesses that don't go away for years and years.

"You CANNOT heal from Lyme disease if you have mold" - Juliann Paige Abecassis

2. A stool analysis is incredibly comprehensive

Stool analysis gives a really great picture of these VERY important markers:

A) your gut bacteria,

B) your pathogenic bacteria

C) Imbalance in yeast

D) Your digestive panel

E) What you are metabolizing

Unfortunately, often doing a stool analysis test means you have to pay for it out of pocket because insurance companies rarely cover it.

"The vast majority of our immune system stems from our gut. The gut - brain connection is HUGE. Right now we are the most inflamed, the most anxious, the most depressed EVER to exist. Why aren't we looking at the gut more closely?" - Juliann Paige Abecassis

3. Dutch Complete is great for testing hormones

This test is done via urine at home and it is a great test. With this test you'll see

A) An accurate overview of your hormone levels

B) How your hormones are being metabolized! This is sometimes just as important if not more important than your hormone levels.

"I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 13 and I didn't hear about this test until I was 28. A naturopathic doctor brought it to my attention. It would have been SO beneficial to have the right testing to support my body." - Juliann Paige Abecassis

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