3 Ways Your Body will CHANGE After Cold Water Immersion || Tub Time Episode 2

Cold water immersion has been proven to help FLUSH the lymphatic system. Here are 3 changes your body will see after introducing cold water immersion.

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Episode Notes

Cold Immersion Therapy is defined by reducing the skin temperature by 40 degrees, thus triggering the fight or flight response.

At this point the body sends the majority of blood to the core to protect the major organs. The blood cycles quickly through the heart.

When the cold immersion is finished, nutrient rich oxygenated blood is sent to the places of inflammation first, along with a huge red blood cell flush throughout the whole body.

1. Cold Water Immersion will flush your lymphatic system!

The Lymphatic System is the body’s septic system.

By boosting the lymphatic system, the brain, the immune system, the gut, and nervous systems are all equally boosted as optimal function is reliant on the removal of waste.

In turn inflammation is reduced, toxins are eliminated, metabolism is increased, and disease is reduced. The tonicity of the Vagus nerve is increased. This reduces the reaction to negative stress and also reduces  cortisol levels!

2. Cold Water Immersion will help you lose weight.

Cold water also helps you lose weight! If the lymphatic system is unable to get rid of toxins and waste, they are stored in fat and remain there until the body can properly eliminate them.

As your body is warming up for the next 2-3 hours, you will burn 600-800 calories. Just from 2 MINUTES in the cold water.

Regular exposure to cold immersion stimulates the body to develop brown fat, which is a far superior tissue to white fat.

Brown fat has more mitochondria, a better blood supply, increases metabolism and requires less tissue to keep the body insulated. It is also associated with type 2 diabetes prevention, bone density, bone health, and longevity.

3. Cold Water will lower your STRESS and cortisol levels!

Cold water therapy affects nearly every system in your body.

By improving the functioning of your lymphatic system, your immune system, your nervous system, your digestive system, and your circulatory system, it is no surprise that your stress will absolutely go down.

Cold water has DRASTICALLY changed my life.

It continues to improve my energy, focus, sleep, lymphatic system function, clarity of mind, weight, mental strength, and overall well-being.

It comes down to making a decision and taking that first step into cold water.

I promise, it’ll be the best decision you should have made years ago.

Take control of your health, body, and mind. Make the decision.