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Therapeutic Massage

Jamie Blazquez Cupping Technique
Jamie Blazquez Massage Therapy
Jamie Blazquez Hathaway Healing Therapeutic Massage
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Jamie Blazquez Therapeutic Massages in Flagstaff Arizona

Hathaway Healing offers Therapeutic Massage and Lucia Light Therapy in 60 and 90 minute sessions. To book a session give us a call at 928-864-9542

Lucia Light
Lucia Light is a revolutionary light technology. And we have it right here!

As you sit under the light for 45-60 minutes your mind will enter into a new dimension. Your pineal gland will get activated and you will leave with a sense of wonder and rejuvenation.
Therapeutic Massage
Thai Massage - The practitioner uses their entire body to move the client through a series of yoga postures using the techniques of rocking, pulling, and stretching

Deep Tissue Massage - The pressure will be heavy and it will be painful. But its highly beneficial!

Lymphatic Release - this light pressure massage focuses on releasing blocked lymph nodes, moving fluid in stagnant areas, and pushing cellular waste back to the heart.
Jamie Blazquez Authentic Massage Therapy
What is Cupping?
Cupping - This modality uses negative pressure to separate skin from the muscle, pulling toxins deep within the system to the surface. As your skin is vacuumed into a cup it will rise and redden as the blood vessels expand.
Jamie Blazquez Cupping Close Up Flagstaff Arizona
Massage therapy has been part of the traditional holistic healing system for over 5,000 years. 

The focus of massage therapy is to remove blockages within the system to restore the body's natural homeostasis

Massage therapy has been proven to:
Increase brain performance
Increase your ability to fight stress
Improve your overall mood
Improve your body's circulation

What Clients Say

This is my GO TO PLACE for muscle issues from training.

Michael Vogler

My husband saw Jamie last week for a massage, and he was VERY happy with the work done. He has a long history of health issues, and much of his pain is in his back.

I scheduled him with Jamie for a "sports massage" and she did some cupping, as well. He left her office saying she was his "second favorite person on Earth," and a "total beast."

He is walking taller, straighter and more comfortably than ever before, and he cannot wait to see her again.

Samantha P

I’ve had debilitating sciatic nerve pain for years!

After two 15 minutes massages, the sciatic nerve pain has FINALLY ceased and I feel circulation and energy returning to my body!

I highly recommend massage care by Hathaway Therapeutic massage. I am very amazed to experience NO PAIN after SO LONG!!!!

Lorraine Quiche

I am in my 60’s and I have multiple autoimmune health issues- including arthritis and osteoarthritis in my knees and shoulders, which requires me to have to use a cane to steady me… and it’s often debilitating, causing a lot of deeply rooted areas of pain and stiffness. I receive regular chiropractic care, but it only addresses my alignment problems.

But when I get my massages I walk into my session always stiff and hurting. By the time I walk out of each session I can stand much straighter, and I almost don’t need my cane to keep me from being so off balance. I wouldn’t need to use my cane then except that my knees are bone-on-bone, and they can get a little catch which catches me off guard.

Bottom line is... I get truly great relief from my massage by Jamie, and I have recommended her many times to my friends and family…especially if you’re like me, where you need really thorough deep tissue massage. Jamie is the best I’ve been to here in the north country area.

Cindy Browning

The BEST in Northern Arizona.

Jake Balto

EXCELLENT! I’ve been to Hathaway Healing for massages a few times and have been extremely happy.

Jamie is very knowledgeable and does a great deep massage to truly loosen things up.

Tom. S

This place is GREAT!!

Jamie fixed my neck right up and I felt awesome when I left!! HIGHLY recommended!!!!

Bernie Pospishel

Jamie does massage from an incredibly educated and healing perspective. She understands the body, how it connects, how it relates to emotions and energy. She understands medical conditions and injuries, and how they may be changing what’s going on in your body.

This is NOT a spa music, fall asleep on the table without your clothes on, covered in massage oil kind of experience.

This is an integrative, active experience where you work with your massage therapist to address specific issues. Her intuition is incredible, and she also honors and works with every teen bit of feedback or input you offer. I’m convinced that if you walk out of the massage without some massive benefit, you must have been actively avoiding it.

Stop reading and just book an appointment. You won’t regret it.

Emily Quevedo

I’m an elderly person who, when I first saw Jamie Blazquez for treatment, was in acute pain, bent forward at the waist at an extreme angle and severely restricted movement. Practioners of various other therapies had been unable to help. I began to find relief after her first treatment and, in the years since, she has kept me upright, generally pain free, on my feet and active, able to fully participate in normal life.

I consider finding her to be one of the luckiest days of my life. Jamie is so much more than the term “massage therapist” implies; an accomplished and gifted healer of both mind and body with a wide array of knowledge, techniques, and therapies at her disposal.

I appreciate that she is a “seeker”, an active learner as science evolves. She is open to and not afraid to try new or different idea that may be appropriate for a client’s treatment and integrating them into her practice.I would not hesitate to recommend her to others- I think she’s wonderful

C.M. Root

The birth of healing through physical touch came into existence with man.