How To Get Into An Ice Bath? TUB TIME Episode 1

Here is how I get into an ice bath! I hope these tips help you plunge into cold water as well

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Episode Notes

On today’s episode of tub time we're going to cover how to get your body in this ice cold water.

I got all the elements against me today. It's cold. It’s 25゚F,  it’s windy, it's early, we got slushy water.
Slushy water gets me every time. So this is my personal process of how to get in hopefully it helps you.

1. Take 6 Deep Breaths

So the first thing I do before I get is I take 6 deep breaths. In a Japanese study found that 6 deep breathing neurologically resets the mind. After 6 breaths I focus on step-step-and then sit down.

2. Take control of your breath.

I do heavy on the in easy on the out.

When you get in for the first time, you’re body will naturally hyperventilate. It’s going to be heavy on the out.

3. Stay in here for a minimum of 2 minutes.

Sometimes I stay longer, but the incredible benefits of cold water immersion really only requires 2 minutes!

4. Get the water halfway up your neck.

That's gonna signal your body to shoot off hormones to make it less painful um and that's really import. You’re definitely gunna want as little as pain as possible in all this.

5. Sports bra and jogger shorts work better than a bikini

I was getting’ in in a bikini and that wasn't working for me. Once I switch because you'll notice I'm wearing a sports bra and jogger shorts once I switch that it made it much easier to get into the ice cold water. And I think it's because neurologically I was wired to associate a bikini with warm weather and warm water, sunny days good times. This ain’t that. This is training.

6. When your body says you're done, YOU'RE DONE

My First Time Getting Into Cold Water Was A Disaster

I was standing in front of a fireplace.

I quick ran outside, I’m pretty sure I was screaming and jumped in-  

But anyways I went running from a fireplace jumped in here, hyperventilating, screaming, freaking out, water was like maybe here.

I stayed in for 2 minutes. I jumped out, ran and changed.

Why did I continue after that?

I slept amazing that night. It was incredible, that's the best sleep I've ever gotten. I woke up the next morning feeling completely refreshed.

I went out the next day and I bought a tank, but because of the way I introduce myself to cold water I was terrified of it.

So I had a really hard time getting and after that and I really struggled.

I actually had to call a a cold water coach out of Phoenix because I tried weeks and weeks I could only-

I’d step in and my body would be like NO!