9 Modalities of Massage & Their Benefits

Here are 9 modalities of massage from all around the world. Experience the wonder of bodywork through these modalities.

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Episode Notes

Swedish: This is a very light touch with the intention to move fluid such as blood and lymph back to the heart.

Deep tissue/Trigger point/Sports: To me personally these all mean that same thing because the pressure will be heavy, it will be slightly painful, but extremely beneficial.

Hot Stone: Warm stones are placed strategically over the body using the deep penetrating heat to relax the muscles. Usually, these massages are combined with Swedish massage.

Aromatherapy: this is the use of essential oils to create specific reactions and responses within the body such as relaxation or opening breathing channels. Oils can be diffused or used topically on the body. If you have any allergies or adverse reactions, it’s important to communicate this to your practitioner prior to the session.

Reflexology: This unique method uses compression techniques in the zones and reflex areas of the hands and feet which correspond to specific glands, organs, and all parts of the body. The practitioner uses pressure from thumbs, fingers, and hand techniques. This art was practiced in Egypt, India, China, and Japan.

Thai: This fully clothed modality is usually performed on a floor Thai mat. The practitioner uses their entire body to move the client through a series of assisted yoga postures using the techniques of rocking, pulling, and stretching.

Shiatsu: This healing art originated in Japan and is founded on traditional Chinese medicine interpreted by Japanese culture, health, and life.  The theories that guide this practice are Ki (Chi), Yin/Yang energetics, the five-element theory, and the Meridian theory. The practitioner compresses acupressure points along meridian lines throughout the body with the use of palms, thumbs, elbows, knees, and feet. This is a fully clothed modality.

Lymphatic: The lymphatic system is one of the most overlooked systems in the body. Optimal function of the brain, immune system, blood, and gut health are all reliant on the function of the lymphatic system. This light pressure massage focuses on releasing blocked lymph nodes, moving fluid in stagnant areas, and pushing cellular waste back to the heart. 

Prenatal: The Mother will be supported on the table in side position to create a feeling of safety and comfort. The therapist is careful to avoid putting deep pressure on certain areas such as the abdomen and legs. The techniques use

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